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Gautam Institute of Nursing (GIN), run under the umbrella of GAUTAM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, Gautam Institute of Nursing has been established by the trust, Shantidoot in 2015 Recognized by Govt. of Bihar (Directorate, Health Services, Bihar) and approved by Bihar Nursing Registration Council (BNRC) and Indian Nursing Council (INC), New Delhi; the Institute is committed to impart state of the art facilities, academic environment and the best quality of education & training in nursing courses/skills/techniques to its students.

objectives –

The main objectives of Gautam Institute of Nursing are –

1. To provide clinically efficient and culturally sensitive nursing care personnel to the community.

2. Develop personality of students so that they practice nursing within established ethical and legal limits with care and selfless service.

3. Develop and conduct appropriate teaching-learning activities to meet the health needs of individuals, families and community at large.

4. Organize and participate in activities related to nursing profession that benefits the community at large.

5. Conduct survey/research on health care & services and utilize the findings in nursing education, training and professional nursing care.

6. Support and work with other nursing education & training institutions in the area in developing methodology, system and skills of nursing faculty.